Effortless Pre-Authorization
Every time

Simplified pre-authorization, It holds the benefit of a machine learning model, facilitating efficient processes and enhanced satisfaction.


Keep Rejection Minimal

Ensure minimal rejections with automated checks and meticulous verification processes. Promotes revenue cycle, enables patient care and overall satisfaction.

Reduction of Write-offs.

Experience reduced write-offs with accurate coding, thorough documentation, timely billing, and proactive follow-up on denied claims.

Financial Openness

Empowering patients with clean bills on their accounting records prompts transparency, satisfaction, and a smoother transaction process


Accountable and Cost-cutting.

Embrace accountable solutions that prioritize cost-cutting measures (administrative costs) along with efficiency, savings, and improved financial outcomes for service providers.             

Lightning Fast process

The lightning speed of automated programs eliminates time, consumed in the manual process and makes rapid transactions.

Improved Data Accuracy

The latest technology reduces human errors by adopting machine learning algorithms to verify and process data with improved accuracy.


Responsiveness at its Peak!

Use Claim Genie on any device you like. It is designed with optimum mobile responsiveness to create exceptional user experience.


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